Our Story

As our co-founder, Matthew, planned his proposal, he envisioned the perfect moment. He'd chosen the ring, meticulously prepared, but the bulky jeweler's box threatened to spoil the surprise. A spark ignited. Matthew crafted a slim, elegant wooden box for the proposal. This experience became the seed of Woodsbury. Partnering with Jack, they embarked on a mission to refine the engagement box, aiming to elevate this timeless tradition.

"We focused on slimming down the traditional ring box and creating something that was as special as the ring itself. A box that would add an element of surprise and become a keepsake to make the memories of the day last forever."

After multiple drawings and tests using different materials and shapes the Woodsbury engagement box was perfected.

All Woodsbury boxes are still made this way, by hand, in the Woodsbury workshop in Sydney.

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